Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virgin Brazilian Remy

I am so in love with my current install. Words cant describe how happy I am. I'll allow my pictures to do the talking. For your viewing pleasure, i'll provide the specs. Virgin Brazilian Remy (deep wave) Hair purchased from Ali Express.com I have 3 bundles/ packs of 18 inch hair. This hair is sooooooooo soft. Seriously, like this hair feels like silk. It holds a curl all day long. Tangles? What tangles. As of right now, those dont exist. Shedding? SOO minimal. Like seriously I might get a strand. (However, I did seal my wefts). If you want to achieve big voluptuous curls, invest in some green flexi rods, thats what I did! If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me. <3 Yall.

1 comment:

Shiks said...

Do you self install?If so can you show your braid pattern?

Is the front your hair?

I watched the video and wanted to know how you straightened.Did you blowdry then flat iron and use flexirods?Did you use setting lotion and a dryer with the rods?

I love your brows.