Monday, August 15, 2011

Coral Tribal Nails

I love to have fun with my nails! It's one of my favorite hobbies. Here are some coral tribal nails that I did 2 weeks ago. They came out great. I loved it! If you want a tutorial, let me know! I'll be more than happy to show you how I did this.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Outre Evony Review

So I am currently 8 months post relaxer with that said Ive been hiding my hair and for that reason I was looking into curly half wigs that way blending my hair would be easier for me and eliminate any need for head. Luckily I ran across the half wig called evony by outre on YT. It looked great on all the girls ive seen with it so you know I just HAD to get it.

So let me tell yall for whatever reason at first I just didnt like this wig at all. I couldnt mimic the style that the model had. I couldnt fluff it out just quite right (I think the layering of this wig wasnt falling just right for me and my liking). This wig hated me and I hated it in return. Had I had another option I would of tossed this wig and forget it! However being the broke college student that I am that wasnt an option! I had to work with this wig and work with it was exactly what I did.

I prepped my hair for my curly styles like I do. I placed this wig on at an angle and then I moved the hair more to the right to create a bang that looked well with my face and voila, all of a sudden I started to fall in love with this wig. Lol I knew my love was true when I did my happy dance. I strategically placed a couple bobby pins in my hair to hold the style in place and the rest is history.

The bad:
This wig started to look old and worn very fast. I typically dont fall asleep in my wigs but I did fall asleep in this one. But even then Im not a wild in my sleep. I dont move. I noticed that this wig doesnt hold its spiral curly very long. If you fluff it out too much it will begin to look more like a wave that an spiral. As with all curly hair the curls began to interlock with one another which is also annoying.

Verdit, this gets a 3 out of 5 stars because they layering may or may not be great for everyone. Cute wig thats very vesatile when it comes to styling.

Would I purchase again? Yes because now I know how to taylor it to fit me and my face however it wouldnt be my first option.

Here are some pics.