Sunday, May 22, 2011

Acne Acne GO AWAY Tips to stay breakout free

Acne, we have all had it. We all hate it and here are some tips to keep your breakouts at bay. Simple and easy tips that will make a world of a difference when it comes to your skin.

1. Wash you face twice daily to get rid of dirt and oil on your skin.
2. Wash your pillow cases once a week. Your pillow case harbors dead skin cells, drool and lots of other yucky stuff that can cause acne.
3. Disinfect your cellphone, it harbors dirt, oil and bacteria. its a dream come true for acne.
4. Wash your hair once a week. Styling products can clog your pores and cause acne. By washing your hair often you reduce the risk of styling products getting trapped in your pores.
5. Moisturize your skin, skin that has been moisturized wont have an over production of sebaceous secretion (oil).

Here's a before and after of what I looked like before I implemented these tips.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello.. can you hear me? How to listen to your hair

Listening to your hair is a skill not easily acquired, it can't be bought nor downloaded but once in your possession its value is beyond measure. I always seen Hair Veterans talking about listening to your hair and I was like WTH kinda mumbo jumbo are they talking about? It's the art of understanding how your hair acts to certain techniques and products that you use and do to it. Simple huh? it really is that simple! It's a trial and error process that take time but once mastered it really makes a difference in the health of your hair.

Things that really help you listen to your hair
1. Writing things down
2. Ask yourself the following questions
- What you did
- how much did you use
- how your hair felt before & after

It's really that simple! I promise! This technique really helped me to find some staples that I really love and wouldn't change for the world. It's also what helped me stay focused and strong on my hair journey. Just wanted to share this info with my hair lovies, this really helped me and I hope it can help someone else.

Much love & HHG

Vixen curls with a Flat iron tutorial

New Video Tutorial!
Vixen Curls/ Kim K Hair w/ a flat iron

I always get asked how I curl my hair so I decided to make a video showing you my process. Its quick and easy! Hopefully you will find this video to be helpful. In this video I used a flat iron to achieve these curls.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Glam Handbook

Welcome to the Glam Handbook. A pretty girls how-to journal.

The Glam Handbook is a blog dedicated to everything a pretty girl like yourself loves. It's all about glitz, glam, fashion and beauty.

This blog contains:

  •  Honest product reviews
  •  DIY projects
  • Tutorials
  • Hair Care
  • Makeup Looks/ Tutorials
  • Beauty 
  • and so much more
so stay tuned for what this blog has to offer.

xoxo Amanda <3