Saturday, July 16, 2011

Extremely Matted Hair After a Sew-in

So as you all know, I had my sew-in reinstalled. But After a short month I was so ready to take it down and I detangled my hair and proceeded to wash. To my dismay my hair tangled horribly! This is my story. Sorry if it's a little long I was very distraught.


LaBria Brumfield said...

I'm not sure if you can help me or not but I just took out my sew in & my hair is all matted up.its really bad to the point it's matted in 5
4 big pieces.i washed it which didn't help & tried about 3 not sure what to do next and I really don't want to cut what do you recommend I do.

Anonymous said...

I just experienced this last night when I decided to take out my sew in alone. Thanks goodness my daughter was there and combed out the matted knots. I lost ALOT of hair but ended up not using the scissors. All you can do is get someone to help you comb from the bottom of the matted portion. This was a lesson learned and one I will never forget. This never happened when I had extension.