Monday, June 13, 2011

Tips for Washing Your Hair While In a Sew In

Sunday is my wash day and as you know I currently have a sew in installed. Since I moisturize throughout the week I like to wash my scalp and make sure its clean.  Hair can't grow when you're scalp is dirty and dirt/oil and product buildup is clogging the hair follicle.

  • I dilute my shampoo with water that way it can easily get access to my scalp.
  • I dilute my conditioner with water that way it too can easily gain access to my scalp and rinse out with ease. (I only dilute my conditioner on wash days; on co-wash days I only let water touch my scalp and i only condition the length of my weave)
  • Separate my tracks so I can have better access to my braids & scalp
  • Scrub and massage my scalp to clean and provide stimulation (blood flow to hair follicle) 
  • Don't apply shampoo to length of wave (UNLESS, there is a lot of product buildup)
  • Treat the weave like it's your own natural hair. ( The weave is human hair and human hair is prone to breakage, split ends, dryness, heat damage. So if I have used a lot of heat ill add a little protein and moisturize my weave that way it will last longer.)
  • Co-wash the length of my weave to keep it soft & lustrous.

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